5 riveting facts for a uk student

Known for its centuries’ old and transcendent education system, UK has always been a popular choice amongst students from around the world who want to pursue their higher education from sterling institutions.

Despite its popularity and the countless data, which is readily available in the advanced world of today, there is a lot about the UK that is not common knowledge. However, having the proper knowledge is imperative for students so they can know precisely what they are getting into. Thus, we have compiled a few facts that students want to pursue higher education in the UK can mull over. These UK facts for students will help them decide whether the UK is the right choice for them and will make them feel a sense of belonging and pride in being part of something so miraculous. Have a look!

  1. Between 2016 and 2017, there was a total number of 2,317,880 students in the UK (not inclusive of Wales) who were pursuing their higher education. (Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency)

Out of the total number of students, there were:

  • Undergraduate students: 1.76 million
  • Postgraduate students: 551,585
  • Studying full time: 1.80 million
  • Studying part-time: 518,930
  • UK residents: 1.87 million
  • Belonged to the EU: 134,835
  • Belonged to non-EU countries: 307,540
5 riveting facts for a uk student 1
5 Riveting Facts for a UK Student 2
  1. Out of the total number of students pursuing their higher education in the UK, 14% of undergraduates and 38% of postgraduates were international students. (Source: Universities UK)
  2. One of the best and oldest universities in the English-speaking world is the University of Oxford. While there is no fixed date known as to when Oxford University was exactly established, it is said to be nearly a millennium old as the oldest records linked to the university are said to belong to the year 1096. The university consists of 38 colleges and has around 100 academic departments.
  3. Student satisfaction amongst higher education students was said to be valued at 84%. (Source: National Student Survey, 2017)
  4. Between 2016 and 2017, 57% of all students studying in higher education institutions in the UK were female. (Source: Department of Education)

Out of the thousands of fascinating UK facts for students, these five were the ones that stood out the most. However, there is so much more about the UK, which makes an excellent option for students who want to pursue quality higher education, such as their rich history, untrammeled culture, advancement in society, and quality of life.

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Uk university september intake 2022